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Austin Pride Parade

It's was a warm September evening in Austin, TX, and a queen is awaiting her chariot. Suddenly, a vessel befitting of her stature arrives, adorned with posters proclaiming "love" and piloted by a knight in shining armor with very strong legs, indeed. While feisty, this queen is aged and could not make the journey down Congress Ave. and 4th Street on her own.

Saving the day, the fine folks at Metrocycle very generously donated a pedicab to the team at St. David's Episcopal Church marching in the 2012 Austin Pride Parade. Our queen Dorothy, who has been involved in LGBT rights in the Episcopal Church for many years, was able to participate in this event because of this donation. We are so grateful to Nathan, Andi, and Donald for making it all possible. Anyone and everyone in Austin should ride around in a Metrocycle pedicab. You will feel like royalty, just like Dorothy.

- Sarah K

Pride Parade Dorothy.jpg

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