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Join the Metrocycle team! Be your own boss, set your own hours and earn cash tips daily. All of our pedicabs are equipped with an e-assist motor so pedicabbing is easy for even the unexperienced rider.

Here are some of the benefits pedicabbing with Metrocycle:

  • You have 24hr/7 days a week access to the shop- so no restrictions to when you can operate.

  • All of our cabs have e-assist motors- so now you can ride all day and uphill without breaking a sweat!

  • All of our trikes are new and well maintained- less time wasted on waiting for repairs.

  • We book a lot of weddings, tours and special events meaning more money for you. 

  • Our shop is located close to downtown- so you don't have to ride far to start making money.

  • Our shop has community bike tools so you can work on your personal bike.

  • We offer nightly and monthly lease options- so you can save money on lease and work within your schedule. 


Get Started

There are two documents that you need to get from the DPS. These documents are required by the City to get your pedicab permit. Don't worry if there's anything on your record it won't prohibit you from riding. It'll take a few days to get these documents and about $50 but well worth it once you start earning cash every night, plus all the money you'll be making during events such as ACL, SXSW and UT home games.


Before you can get these documents you'll need to have a valid Drivers License. If you don't have this then getting it is your first step.


Here are the documents you need to get your Chauffeurs Permit-


  • Go to DPS website and get a copy of your certified driving record Type 3A. You will need the audit number from your Texas Drivers License. Print immediately.


  • Go to IdentoGO website and set up your fingerprint background check. Use Service Code 11GYVN. This document will be ready 5 business days later.

Let's Meet
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